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Old Fashioned Dating Rules We Should Consider Bringing Back

Old Fashioned Dating Rules We Should Consider Bringing Back


There’s something special about old-fashioned dating that 21st-century dating is missing. In the absence of online dating sites, people had to go outside and meet men or women. Towns would be a whirlwind of candlelit restaurants, and lovers would exchange physical love notes. 


It was all so romantic, and there’s no doubt that singles dating sites lack the personal touch present on the dating scene years back. Of course, modern-day couples are good at dating, and they do sweet things for each other in their special way. 


While some of the dating rules discussed below are more on the vintage side, we at take me for coffee believe that they could still help you connect with your partner and result in healthy, long-lasting relationships. 


See if you agree with us.


1.     Dressing Up For a Date

Way back, going out for a date to meet women or men was a big deal, and people were aware that first impressions matter. Dressing up to go out was a thing, going-out clothes- heels, jewels, ties, and dresses- would be in full display, and while there are still people who do this, modern dating is focused more on casual dating. 


While being casual is comfortable and perfectly fine, we at take me for coffee believe taking a little more time to dress up conveys that you’re excited to meet your date and that you both want to make the other feel special.


2.     Asking Your Partner Out On A Date

Nowadays, dates are set up on text or online dating sites. Hardly ever does anyone pick up their phone to call their date, and if you tried to, you would probably get some anxiety about it. But, there’s nothing as nice as picking up the phone to call your crush. It is a polite way of asking someone whether they’d like to spend some time with you. 


3.     Opening Doors For Your Date

Granted, women can do things for themselves, like opening the door on their own or pulling up the chair. But we at take me for coffee believe old-school methods work best. As a guy, you would probably score more points if you pulled out the chair for your date. Such sweet gestures can be a nice surprise to show your partner that you care.


4.     Not Feeling Entitled or Casual About the Date

Unfortunately, many people out there feel like their partner owes them something just because they invited them on a date. And, with today’s culture of casual sex, a date can turn into a one-night stand with both partners not wanting to see each other again. 


There’s something about going on a simple coffee date and not expecting your partner to get physically or sexually intimate with you. Keeping off the physical intimacy ensures that you’ve got the opportunity to know someone properly before they can share your bed. In addition, it also heightens the partner’s feelings, so when the moment comes, it’s more special.


5.     Staying Off Your Phone

We think it’s sad when you see couples giving their devices more attention than their dates. There were no cell phones in existence in the past, so people could only talk to each other and get to know one another during a date. 


While you’re on a date, scrolling through a phone shows you’re not interested or may even suggest that you’re rude. In a way, it’s like telling your partner there’s something more important you’d rather do than spend time with them. We at Take Me For Coffee recommend that you give your phone and social media a break while with your partner.


6.     Following Up After The Date

It was normal for people to call each other after a date. People would tell each other what they enjoyed about the date or thank you for having such a wonderful time. Nowadays, ghosting has become the popular way of telling someone you don’t want to see them again, and that’s not much fun.



Here at Take Me For Coffee, we believe that we should all consider bringing back some old-fashioned dating rules. While we do live in a modern world, we cannot ignore the good things of old.


What do you think about some of the rules we’ve mentioned? Have you tried them? Please tell us about your experience.