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First Date Tips That’ll Help You Land A Second Date

First Date Tips That’ll Help You Land A Second Date 

For some people, the thought of a first date with someone they met on an online dating site can be exciting. For others, a first date can be the reason for worry or dread because they aren’t prepared. If you’re in the latter group, you need not worry. With the right tips and strategies, you can avoid the anxiety and pitfalls that come with a first date and have some fun, or possibly even score a second date. 


We at take me for coffee have collected some first date tips we think are essential. 


Keep it Simple

So you’ve met someone on a dating website but you’re not sure about the outcome of the first date. Don’t add onto the uncertainty. Try not to complicate things. You don’t have to ask your date out on an elaborate dinner or make plans for the whole day. 


Instead, we advise you to take things a little slow. Get to know the other person over a cup of coffee in a quaint cafe. This will not only allow both of you to relax and be more comfortable around each other, but you’ll also be able to tell if you would like to spend more time with your date. 


In any case, if the cup of coffee goes well, the date could spill over into lunch or dinner. Remember, the more simple it is, the more you and your date can relax and get to know each other.


Don’t Let the Texting Drag Too LoEven if you started talking to each other on a singles dating site as a mature couplec, don’t let the conversation drag on there too long. Texting is a great way of getting to know someone you like, but it has boundaries. Your relationship has to develop further than an online dating site.


Also, you need more than short moments of screen time to get to know each other truly, and messaging just doesn’t cut it. We recommend that you take the time to meet the person you think may be a potential partner.


Prepare Beforehand

Think about the first date like a job interview you have to ace. You will prepare for the job interview to increase the chances of success. So, why shouldn’t you come prepared on a first date? Consider possible questions you can ask your date. Think about what they may want to ask you. 


Come up with interesting answers that you’d like to share with your partner. Think about the best position for you to sit while talking to your partner. Sitting right across the table from them can be a little intimidating to both of you, so try sitting next to your date at an angle. 


This way, you can both give each other space to think or enjoy a sip of coffee or whichever drink you’re having and still be comfortable enough to talk to each other.


Be the Listener

It is ok to want to tell your date more about yourself. But, it’ll be better if you listened more. Listening during a date means you don’t assume that you are as interesting as you and your family think you are. If you spend the entire date talking about yourself, you come off as selfish or self-absorbed. 


Let your date talk about themselves and then respond with appropriate follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. If your date told you they took a year off to travel, ask them how it was. This, however, doesn’t mean that you remain mute on the entire date. It’s ok to make contributions to the conversation. Just don’t overdo it.


Be Yourself

You’re not in competition with anyone. Dating is not a game that you have to win against the “other team.” The more you try to fake your lifestyle or character to impress your date, the harder it’ll be to keep up the lies. There’s no reason to imitate other people. Your best bet is to be yourself, and your date will like you for who you are. Connect with someone who makes you truly happy, and all will end well.



We at take me for coffee hope the tips we’ve given will help you get rid of the anxiety of a first date. Remember, you have to make a good impression so don’t forget to brush your hair and put on some fresh clothes.