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5 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone in Your Local Area

5 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone in Your Local Area


 most people, finding someone they can spend the rest of their lives with isn’t easy. True, you can meet men or meet women on the best dating website in the world, but you won’t stop until you find the one that makes you zing!


Before you get onto an online dating site to meet your forever love, keep in mind that relationships take hard work, and you will have to do all you can to make the relationship as desirable as possible.


Most people don’t think about this, but we at take me for coffee believe the first thing you should probably think about before deciding to go on a date with a potential partner is where they live. If a potential date lives within your local area, the easier it’ll be for you to date. 


And, we’re not saying that long-distance relationships have got nothing in them. But, living in the same local area comes with its unique advantages you can’t ignore. With that being said, we’ve gathered a few reasons why we think dating within your local area is awesome.


Less Stress

Finding someone on an online dating site that you see a future with and lives in the same area as you is a bonus. You have someone to plan with, someone to accompany you to events, and even share your struggles with.


We previously mentioned that relationships require hard work. A long-distance relationship makes it that much harder. When you have the opportunity to be around someone you like, you have less worry about when to meet or how that’s going to happen.


It is Cheaper

Dating is not cheap. You’re going to have to spend money on events, dinners, gifts, and many other things. Bearing some of these costs in mind, it’s clear that maintaining a relationship with no cash is almost impossible if you want it to remain exciting and fun.


If you’re dating someone in a different city, the stakes go higher. You have to spend more money on travel whether that means air tickets or fuel costs. Most times, this becomes a problem because of a partner’s inability to maintain the lifestyle. This, in turn, puts strain on the relationship. 


Trust is Built Easily

When your partner is within reach, you can see them frequently and reduce suspicions about what each of you is doing. When you’re struggling with insecurity issues, you want to be able to reach your partner. When you’re far from each other, you can’t see them whenever you want.


However, we at Take Me For Coffee think trust is easier to build when you know where your partner is or what they’re up to. Dating a partner within your local area also means you can easily tell if they’re cheating from the beginning. 


Better Chances of Having a Stronger Relationship


When you’re closer to the person you like, you have better chances and opportunities of building a healthy and long-lasting relationship. When you like or love someone, you want to spend as much time with them as possible. The proximity to each other allows you to bond much better and talk more in-depth about your relationship and your goals for the future.


It’s a Great Way to Date

A happy, healthy, long-lasting relationship is easy to achieve when you date someone who lives reasonably close to you. Dating them is more fun because you’ve got more access to your partner, and it becomes much less demanding.



Dating within your local area does not guarantee success in the relationship. All relationships require partners to put in the work and make them successful. However, dating a partner who is in your vicinity does make things a little easier. 


Are you dating? Please tell us how distance has affected your relationship, whether positively or negatively. You could help someone make up their mind on who to d