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FAQs for take me for Coffee

Meet uo with your ideal partner
Take Me For Coffee Is the dating site that aims to bring old fashion online dating back.
You must be at least 18 to be able to use the service.
We have created a unique algorithm based on your answers to our questions to be able to match you up with your ideal partner for if you answer the questions truthfully there is no doubt that you were matched up with your most compatible match
It will take approximately between 5 to 7 minutes to complete the registration and upload a few photos of yourself before you are able to search for your ideal mate/partner.
When you click the online button you will be able to see all the people that are currently online and match your criteria.
When clicking this button it will Show you all the people that have clicked the like button on your profile and showed something of interest in you. The like me button is the love heart on their profile picture.
When clicking the search button you will have the opportunity to search for users under any criteria you wish Such as age, gender, location and much more.
On this page you will see your matches that fit your criteria that the algorithm has sorted out for you.
Under this button you will be able to see all the new members that have registered with the website.
This button will show you all the members in your city regardless of the matter criteria are not.
This will open a window and I will show you all the chats that you’ve had with various members.
Block button will block stop that person from contacting you and and you or them will not be able to see each others profile. This will then be listed in your block list, where you can unblock them if you wish.
If you have any modifications or chat request you will see a number beside the envelope indicating that you have a notification or chat request.
That is where you control your profile you can change or edit any part of your profile at any time, you’ll be able to go see your public profile to file it looks,
Yes you can delete your profile by going to the end of the edit profile page remember if you delete your profile you will lose any subscriptions that you might have.
By suspending your profile you basically removing it from public access nobody will be able to see your profile and you will not be able to message anyone as long as your profile has been suspended. The suspend profile is located under edit my profile on the bottom of the page. By suspending your profile you will not lose any of your subscriptions that you may have.
Yes, we have three different subscriptions.
  1. 2 month package
  2. 4 month package
  3. 8 month package
Unfortunately no refunds are issued to anyone for any reason.
We use Stripe as a payment gateway.
Our website is protected by an SSL certificate the highest level of standard today.
Reporting button
Reporting button is a button on a persons profile if there is any offensive material on their profile such as abuse or inappropriate images. This will send a report to the admin team, In which you will have to say the reasons why you are reporting this profile to help the team identify the abuse.
You can always write to us by using our Contact form follow this link contact us.
Unfortunately no refunds are issued to anyone for any reason.